Our Approach

Scaling engineering capacity as a digital partner, we are with you from start to finish. Daily we do our best to fulfil your requirements through leveraging agile methodologies, proven collaboration frameworks, engineering tools and by providing you with full transparency, as we move towards defined objectives.


We learn all we can about every new engagement and afterwards take care of it with maximum flexibility to help meet the growing demands of our customers, taking into account all business specifics, reaching across time zones and geographies.

Transparency & Traceability

Latest technologies, cloud platforms, methodologies and tools are essential for maintaining our competitive advantage. Using these instruments we make sure that all of our engagements are fully transparent and easily traceable from anywhere in the world.


We carefully study requirements for every new engagement. Thorough analysis that results in a good understanding of the objectives allows us to set-up and further develop multidisciplinary and cross-functional teams which will deliver outstanding digital solutions that move your business forward.

People Development

Our established educational and self-development programs allow engineers to catch up with knowledge on the latest technologies and implementation frameworks. Frameworks we use to onboard the engineers help them to start bringing value quicker and in better quality across the engagements.

Openness and Flexibility

We embrace agility and openness to change in all activities. Our strong belief lies in putting flexibility, experimentation and collaboration over proprietary, closed approaches in order to deliver the best solutions possible.

Results - Not Just Services

Our success is based on the client's results. We are committed to close collaboration in designing, architecting and delivering high quality products rather than just providing services. Our clients get outcomes and business results from our partnership that redefine the traditional notion of an IT vendor.

Our Values

Client Focus

At Miros Tech we share a passion for excellence in delivery. We act as advisors and partners to our customers with one goal in mind - meet or better exceed expectations.

Professionalism and Mutual Respect

We work hard to find top talent and then invest serious effort to maintain healthy relationships, professional behavior, high motivation and efficient collaboration in all teams. Initiative, enthusiasm and commitment are appreciated in all possible ways.

Trust and Openness

We believe that the essential element of any fruitful and successful relationship is trust. From “day one” we provide maximum transparency and traceability to our clients to stimulate knowledge sharing across team members and stakeholders.

Remote Ecosystem

Our disruptive vision lies in constantly improving our cloud-based infrastructure. World has changed. Today, we invest heavily in our people and tools to build up our remote collaboration ecosystem to be one of the most efficient, secure and comfortable.