Process Consulting Services

Miros Tech offers process consulting services aimed at solving specific business challenges companies of different sizes and in different industries face throughout the transformation of their software development processes.

Healthy and efficient processes are instrumental in bringing your product or service to market faster and in best quality. Our consulting services work are aimed at analyzing, fine-tuning, or even transforming your current processes.

We provide the fundamental tools you need along with a detailed roadmap for shaping your boldest ideas into tangible business outcomes, increasing the profitability, efficiency, and market demand for your products or services.

Our Approach

We will support you at every stage of the solution lifecycle to keep your business on top of the ever-changing global market and in line with the latest technology trends.


We find and examine issues related to your product, service. After discovering those specific challenges and prioritizing them, we will assist you in framing a solution for your exact needs.


After identifying the best solution and working with you through all details, we will support you in implementing the changes, considering all specifications and requirements.


As your business and development evolves, we will help you analyze established processes and assess readiness for further change, aiming for improvement and optimization

Our Capabilities

Project Management Consulting

We help you develop and implement effective communication and management practices within your product development team. This service results in:

  • More efficient scope, timing and budget management approaches
  • A transparent communication strategy
  • Increased transparency and forecasting in software delivery
  • External and internal reporting improvements
  • Continuous improvement of the development process
Initiation Workshop

Our comprehensive service aimed to successfully launch remote development team. The workshop includes but is not limited to:

  • Creating team composition plan with clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Auditing all current software development processes, identifying bottlenecks, inefficiencies and coming up with a plan of improvements
  • Analyzing key existing problems and logging risks the new team composition can bring about in order to outline a response strategy
  • Preparing a tailored comprehensive onboarding plan for every new team member
Agile Coaching

We help you transform your project or business to one that easily moves in a collaborative, fast-changing environment. This consulting service includes the following:

  • Starting your transformation journey through introducing your team to the Agile methodology, showcasing areas of practical application in your project or business
  • Inspecting your value streams, finding bottlenecks in order to identify room for improvement in your development process, and helping you adopt Agile where necessary to optimize the way you deliver business value
  • Coaching your development team to accumulate, retain and share knowledge in order to deliver high-quality products fast through an extensive use of good engineering practices
  • Initiating your transition to Scrum or Kanban, gradually applying accumulated knowledge
  • Monitoring your team’s progress within the new framework until things start running smoothly
Remote Leaders Mentoring

This unique service is designed for those project managers, team leaders and coordinators who don’t have extensive team leadership experience yet. It is adopted for the remote management world we are in today. Over the course of this mentoring program, your leaders:

  • Get educated on effective people and process management applicable to the specifics of your business
  • Cultivate personality traits that are necessary for leading and influencing people based on the roles they are assigned your project or business
  • Learn to maximize the performance of their teams with consideration of KPI’s and requirements you have in place

Our Advantages

After learning about your business we help you develop an efficient Agile strategy for organizational and workflow transformation, software delivery process optimization, and integration with your current operational model

Using management consulting approaches we examine your processes and operations in order to identify areas of improvement and gaps to suggest tailored solutions, tactics and practices which can be applied quickly and easily

Together with you we outline the optimal team composition for maximum effectiveness, advising on the corrections in skill set, roles, and necessary procedures. This will help you increase your team's ability to deliver high-quality software