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Extend Your Team

Building an extended team with Miros Tech is even better than opening your own remote development center. You focus on moving forward while we manage recruitment, retention and administrative hassle.

You may easily start with just one developer and scale to a cross-functional remote dedicated team. Our business is incredibly flexible and we are able to meet your needs quickly. We always maintain a partnership approach and do our best to help you grow.

Collaboration process is very simple. We pre-screen candidates based on your requirements, and then help you run as many interview rounds as you need to hire the right people. Upon your approval of the candidates, they become full or part-time employees, working remotely. Direct management and control on your end, while we take care of infrastructure, developer retention and administration.

Remote that feels like in-house

We take care of everything that companies need to hire, manage and retain their own remote engineering force, while they focus on the most important - building a successful product.

Talent Acquisition

We recruit engineers with the matching knowledge, experience and attitude

HR & Culture

People thrive in great conditions – we nurture, motivate and retain


Payroll, taxes, benefits, software, equipment and everything else

Our Capabilities

In a remote development environment, the unique model of Miros Tech’s Dedicated Team includes:

  • Top-notch recruitment: Our recruitment consultants are experienced headhunters who know the market. Every new vacancy opened is assigned a dedicated recruiter who reports directly to our Managing Director on the progress. Search for candidates is conducted from a pool of 300,000+ IT experts throughout Ukraine.
  • Individual approach: We are laser focused on operational excellence. Service solutions, tools, policies, guidelines and procedures are aggregated and constantly improved in our Service Delivery Center to be utilized for the best possible customer service we are able to provide.
  • Remote Oriented Infrastructure: Best-in-class remote working ecosystem and environment with excellent administration and security for high performance of dedicated teams: management, reporting, data exchange, communication etc. - all cloud-based. We make sure your team is always online and has everything they need for efficient remote work. Each employee is nurtured and taken care of in all aspects: from secure soft & hardware to the most efficient remote people management practices.
  • Office work: Individual project members or entire teams are able to work in a hybrid mode in our comfortable & secure A-class offices in Ukraine’s largest tech hubs — Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa and Lviv.
  • People Management: Our HR head will closely watch after every new team, big or small, to help people grow and resolve anything concerning people matters. We provide project onboarding for newcomers, performance management, training & development, HR facilitation services, strategic and operational HR support.
  • PPMC (Process & Project Management Consulting): we provide our project management expertise (tools, templates, advice, workshops etc.) to enable your soon success through forming & helping in management of your team of high performers who will deliver you desired results. PPMC is available to all dedicated team clients at no additional cost.
  • Engagement Management: We are dedicated to establishing strong relationships and always ensure that services are aligned to the Client's goals. We will closely work with you on a business level in order to help you feel confident on your route and constantly improve our collaboration.

We Offer

  1. Communication. Number one target is efficient and transparent communication together with quick and secure data exchange between you and your team (cell phones, messengers, emails, video conferencing).
  2. Transparency. Monthly reviews of the dedicated team’s performance level. Alongside: tracking tools and methods. Review of your feedback regarding your team’s work quality & actions items plotting.
  3. Security. We care about your security on a legal and technical level. All necessary papers are signed and proper technological measures are taken in order to protect your data from unauthorized access or usage.
  4. Motivation. Recurring evaluation of the developers’ job satisfaction & 1-1 meetings. Team building events and fun corporate outings.
  5. Administration. We fully cover accounting and legal support. Miros Tech manages payroll and taxes for your team..

Benefits & Advantages

We save you a huge amount of time on the recruitment process: we conduct headhunting, thorough CV review, soft skills assessment call where we test English level, background check and conduct unfolded project intro with Q&A to understand whether we match each other. You will hold a technical interview and decide whether the candidate is matching required hard skills. You’ll never work with someone from our internal bench - we don’t keep one! All engineers are custom hired.

We foster efficient, transparent and direct collaboration between you & your team. No middlemen - no miscommunication. Part of our strategic vision is to promote & cultivate open and honest communication on progress, blockers or impediments as they arise, changes and risks in as close to real-time as possible. We help our clients to form a big picture vision among employees and reach easy information flow & data exchange across team members.

Our business model allows our clients to change team size with only one month’s notice. You are free to adapt any collaboration or development software you wish and we quickly help with procurement. You're always welcome to travel to our offices and work alongside your dedicated team or bring them over to your location for a workshop. Any changes you wish to make in your team or in our collaboration are welcomed - we are always happy to make things work better for you.

The Process Is Simple

We collect your requirements and understand the needs & specifics of your project.
We create profiles & together with you start to interview & hire matching specialists.
You may begin working with your fully equipped team while we handle administrative stuff.
Keep moving forward, while we are taking care of payroll, legal side, security and infrastructure.

1. Review

We shall cover general conditions, business needs, your current team structure, and job descriptions for the needed specialists:

  • Clarifications Call. We identify and structure your needs and expectations with regards to a desired number of candidates and a list of relevant requirements for those candidates. We can start with just one remote engineer or kick off building an entire cross-functional project team. You decide.
  • Launch Workshop. If it's too difficult to start remote collaboration right away due to business specifics and structure then we will make sure to clear all things out in advance by organizing a series of meetings with you to find the best way to manage the change.

2. Staffing

We shall cover general conditions, business needs, your current team structure, and job descriptions for the needed specialists. It is usually done in one or two steps:

  1. Our recruiters create a job profile which matches your requirements.
  2. Right after, active search begins both via the Miros Tech database and on the market to find matching candidates.
  3. Shortlisted people are then pre-screened by our recruiters and then interviewed by our Head of HR.
  4. If soft skills, English & professional experience level matches the requirements - you instantly receive this profile in order to arrange as many interview rounds as necessary to make sure that you hire remote developers that perfectly fit your project needs.

It is up to you to utilize the methods you know and like to interview potential team members. Pick your own tests for candidates, organize live coding sessions or request code samples. We can always do reference or other checks on the selected people upon your request. Not sure what methods to pick for an interview in your case? No worries, we are always there to help and advise.

3. Kick-Off

We supply your remote developers with all of the necessary software and hardware infrastructure.

Miros Tech HR and Administration experts take care of the onboarding process to make the team extension comfortable for both your local and remote teams. Our retention programs minimize attrition and keep your team members satisfied.

Payroll, taxes, employee records, days off and other administrative work is fully on us to allow our clients to focus on the core competencies and keep moving forward.

Methodology for managing the software development process is up to you. Most of our customers utilize Agile. Even if you have only 1 developer with us, we can easily help you set up or modify any process free of charge.

4. Support

In order to help you build an efficient team of remote developers with a productive work climate, our managing director will be your major point of reference - always in contact and ready to proactively solve any issues quickly. We are a small business and take an individual approach and flexibility as our big advantage.

We approach supporting you very seriously and on a monthly basis will make sure to:

  • facilitate performance reviews of your engineers
  • evaluate job satisfaction
  • jump on a call with you to analyze your feedback regarding work quality of each team member
  • discuss things you are happy with and identify any areas for improvement

All necessary measures are taken to keep your data secure. For those working in the office: we have control access systems, and all team members are supported by our system administrators. If needed, additional security measures can be taken.

We work hard and play hard by organizing team building activities and conducting summer & winter corporate parties for everyone to get together and socialize. Healthy & friendly work environment is of big importance to our company.

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