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Mobile App Development

Best-in-class service at your fingertips that will embody your ideas into mobile apps. We enable businesses to reach their customers on the go and create personalized user experiences. Miros Tech’s expertise allows us to develop products that stand out and attract users.

Our team sticks to our engineering excellence processes in every project, from minimum viable products through to complex mobile applications with third-party integrations.

In the mobile-first world, your business must be in touch with users wherever they are. Our experience with feature-rich and challenging mobile app projects will allow us to extend your customer journey and drive user engagement.

Mobile Solutions Engineering Based on Your Needs

Our team is ready to develop iOS and Android mobile applications in Swift, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, leveraging high-quality UI/UX design solutions

Our iOS developers can leverage all the features of the platform to deliver a robust product that meets the high demand of Apple users. After App creation you will benefit from a smooth submission process and professional maintenance.
Unleash the full potential of Google's platform and bring custom-tailored user experiences to over 3 billion Android devices with your exact specifications. Android apps designed by our engineers are guaranteed to attract & retain users.
Utilize the best features for each ecosystem while delivering a consistent mobile experience across all devices. Our cross-platform apps use cutting-edge technologies to expand your reach, maximize velocity and decrease risks.

Our Capabilities

End-to-End App Development
Our complete cycle of mobile application development which consists of thorough research, specification writing, design and coding, followed by rigorous automated and manual testing

Minimum Viable Product
Smart way to start is to save time and money by developing an MVP app with only critical features. We can quickly kick-off an upgrade process later once your app is approved.

Quick Solutions
We can develop an application based on the ready-made templates with the possibility of further customization. Available templates are in social network, on-demand app or uber-like app.


Our Advantages

We utilize Scrum and Kanban, industry best practices and the latest technology to continuously improve development processes, reduce time to market and get the highest possible quality.

It is crucial to grab users attention with Apple and Android having over 5.7 million apps on the market. Our in-depth niche analysis and expansive technical skills enable us to deliver feature rich products with eye-catching designs.

Having access to the largest IT talent pool in Eastern Europe along with highly qualified coders and effective development methodologies allows us to decrease app creation costs while meeting all your business needs.

How Do We Ensure The Delivery?

Scope & Deadlines
We use the Kano framework to prioritize the development of the required scope of features. The most essential features get developed first so your app is sufficiently equipped. This helps to ensure that even the toughest delivery dates can be met.

Budget estimations are provided, giving several scenarios (minimum, realistic, and maximum). As we move forward, we are tracking the project progress against the estimate.

You get weekly updates if the project is going according to the outlined scenario. Should the risk of going over budget appear at any point, we’ll make sure to have immediate sync with you to decide on the best course of action. We go above the budget only in very complicated and “heavy” products with many change requests in the process and still it constitutes less than 20% of all cases.

Detailed acceptance criteria and well-structured specifications allow us to build the mobile app to your quality expectations. Regular code and cross-code reviews are provided as a part of our workflow. We employ automatic testing to detect bugs quickly and speed up the delivery process.

The quality assurance is provided at several stages:

  • before the code is written
  • during the code development
  • during the code testing
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