Python Developers for ByHours

PUBLISHED: Feb. 4, 2021
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This case study showcases how a Spanish hospitality industry startup extended their in-house team with python backend developers in Ukraine.


BYHOURS launched in 2012 provides flexibility and personalization to hotel booking process. They have developed the first booking platform that offers hourly packages at hotels around the world. You can now choose your check-in time, how long you want to stay, and pay only for the amount of time you need.

The BYHOURS team is innovative, international and young with a strong desire to revolutionize the hotel industry. Their main office is located in Barcelona, and in 2019 they opened the second office in Mexico City as the operational hub of Latin America and USA.

When we met, Guillermo (CEO) was looking to scale the development team in Spain but could not find any matching candidates locally at a fair compensation. So he decided to start a mixed setup with a remote team through an outstaffing company. 


With Miros Tech, the company was able to handpick top-level developers, whose expertise has helped them reach results that usually require a team two or three times larger. 

At the point of partnership a company already had an alpha product it could grow further and present to investors. To further develop the software, ByHours had to build an engineering team experienced in building rich big data applications with solid algorithms. 

Developers with the required level of expertise are very expensive in Spain, and finding them locally isn’t easy, so Guillermo Gaspart (CEO & Co-Founder) decided to look for such talent in Ukraine, but wanted to have a company with Spanish roots operating in the market.

“The value that Miros Tech engineers give to ByHours is that people are always ready to do more than asked and are aimed to complete things on-time. Adding a few people quickly when we need is no problem at all.”

- CTO, Paolo Bozzelli


Miros Tech has allowed ByHours to scale fast by hiring top engineers and also save on workstation setup, insurance, and other expenses that come with hiring an employee in Spain. 

We keep active work on sustaining a healthy working relationship with the offshore team. Being “on the same page” with software engineers, managing partner of Miros Tech deals with a lot of issues on the local level and brings in ByHours into admin questions only if needed.

Since the time Miros Tech helped to hire the first member of the offshore development team in Ukraine for Guillermo, they’ve added new people only through our company, and we think we’ve got a great partnership.