Team Extension for Contentful

PUBLISHED: May 6, 2021
CATEGORY: Dedicated Team /
CLIENT: Contentful

This case study reveals how Contentful (Germany based startup) was able to get and currently works with a small team with Miros Tech.

Impressions from Contentful

What is truly awesome about our team in Ukraine is that Miros Tech’s remote ecosystem is set up in such a way that our developers are just like part of our every day workgroup. Dedicated full-time team was able to integrate and adopt very quickly. Today, we simply consider our remote developers as our co-workers in Berlin. 

Miros Tech-recruited developers are very dedicated and result-oriented. We wanted to hire someone who could be enthusiastic and motivate, someone working on fulfilling our vision long term together with us. We love working with the team during office hours and chat informally after a long day with a beer. Miros Tech has found a really good fit for both of us on a personal and professional level.

Working Together 

We kick-off the day with some calls to align on critical topics, discuss things, and run through questions. Being only a few flight hours away - it is important for us to stay on the same page, close in touch, and make sure we know what is going on in Ukrainian IT and that our developers know what's new in the German ICT sector.

We use Slack and Zoom for communication - the guys are very responsive and have great soft skills. But surely, nothing can replace meeting each other in person. That's why we have already organized two visits to Berlin for our team from Ukraine - it really builds tighter bonds and better relationships.

Why Miros Tech?  

We wanted a dedicated team which would be a part of Contentful. Instead of having a conveyor type external vendor at the opposite end of the table, we wanted to have people sitting on the same side of the table with us. 

We were researched the market and have other partners in Ukraine as well, but with outstaffing Miros Tech is our partner of choice. Approach, pricing and collaboration models are very close to what we initially searched for, so we hopped in. 

We absolutely enjoyed the start. It is a cool thing that with this outstaffing model we can grow and learn together. 

“From the very beginning we were very convinced by the professionalism of the people Miros Tech chooses. Our team is experienced and the guys know what they are doing. Miros Tech impressed us not only from the recruitment side, but also with their customer relations. All processes are organized quite professionally.”

- Director of Engineering, Kurt Michelson

Value Delivered 

Today, Contenful has a team of three, but are planning to increase it in the next 6 months. Balancing the seniority pyramid is quite important for the client, because they have a very broad and solid product with both challenging and routine, simpler tasks to complete. With our tech team we are rebuilding many features of the old infrastructure along with improving QA potential. 

Contenful is constantly launching new updates, as they are expanding, and innovation is a big factor. Ukrainian team is able to research and develop together with the core team in Berlin, helping bring product changes and improvements to life.