Developer for Mediktor

PUBLISHED: July 9, 2020
CATEGORY: Dedicated Team /
CLIENT: Mediktor


Mediktor is a Spanish startup that develops an application - AI medical assistant for triage and prediagnosis, directing patients straight to the right level of care. Mediktor is on a mission to improve access to healthcare worldwide.

For insurance companies and health systems that need to manage utilization more effectively, Mediktor is the most accurate AI-based medical assistant for triage and prediagnosis. And is the only clinically-validated one.

Unlike other online symptom checkers, this B2B-focused SAAS is the only solution clinically-validated with 91.3% accuracy and available in 13 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabian.

In 2020, due to shortage of specialists with AI and algorithms development knowledge Mediktor began exploring remote opportunities to scale their development team in Barcelona.


Miros Tech was able to interview a large number of candidates in a relatively short period of time and further successfully join one Python backend developer with experience in Artificial Intelligence.

Mediktor required smooth integration of an engineer into their Spain based SCRUM team and Miros Tech was able to provide an unfolded initiation workshop in order to quickly onboard a new team member remotely.

“Data security and the ability of a vendor to react quickly to our request is of paramount importance to us. Miros Tech is by far the most dynamic and responsible partner we are working with today.”

- Product Manager, Johnathan Larios


Miros Tech successfully extended Mediktor’s project team and boosted development on the application. Right now, Mediktor is in the phase of research and soon we are expecting to build a joint R&D remote team.

Today, Mediktor already has 3 developers with Miros Tech and organises recurrent visits of their Ukrainian colleagues on-site to Barcelona in order to hold discovery workshops and team building activities together.