Team Extension for Mitto

PUBLISHED: Jan. 21, 2021
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This case study showcases how a Spanish startup aimed at conscious spending habits expanded their in-house team with a senior frontend (React) developer in Ukraine.

Background & Challenge

Mitto is a Spanish debit card and mobile app designed for “Generation Z” teens where parents can send instant money to their children by topping up the wallet, and get an overview of their “purchasing” profile. The idea is that children gain a degree of financial independence by using Mitto, as well as a better understanding of their spending habits. More broadly, Mitto says it wants to help develop financial literacy amongst Gen Z kids. In 2019 Mitto raised a 2 million EUR financing round from the Spanish bank and decided to expand its app functionality.

Aiming for the longer-term mission of Mitto - to deliver the best payment solution experience for Generation Z and to help them understand the impact their spending has on the planet, Mitto required scaling of the engineering capacity at a fair cost.

Working with developers from India and Bangladesh proved poor quality and a significant time difference did not allow for a large enough work window to work through all necessary scope. It was decided to look for companies operating in Eastern Europe and that’s where Miros Tech came into sight. We met in Barcelona and kicked-off our collaboration.


Quickly (within only 4 weeks) and at a fair cost (only 30% higher in comparison to previous Indian partner) Mitto started with 1 senior front-end React developer from Kyiv to scale their development team in Spain. This proved to be very convenient for Mitto in terms of communication, mainly because an employee has already worked with the Spanish team before and had a fluent command of English. 

Additionally, the one-hour time difference with Ukraine was much easier to handle than the working hours completed by the Indian developer they had worked with before.

“The only regret we have is that we did not start working with the guys earlier. We are so comfortable working with Miros Tech today: full control of the administrative hassle, fantastic flexibility and individual approach we get is incomparable. In addition the managing partner Dmitriy is always nearby providing the transparency and full visibility on things happening”     

- Engineering Director, Mark Ritman


Thanks to Miros Tech dedicated team engagement model, Mitto pays way less for the developer than they would have otherwise paid in Spain. With Miros Tech, they hired a developer within 4 weeks, while in Barcelona.

Thanks to the remote-oriented ecosystem and above the market compensation by Miros Tech for the developer, Mitto is able to work with an efficient and highly motivated engineer.