Website Design for Impendi

PUBLISHED: July 13, 2021
CATEGORY: Design /
CLIENT: Impendi

Impendi Analytics required a new website to gather leads and find potential recruits as their old website experienced UI/UX and SEO challenges. We designed an entirely new strategic website and brand strategy.

The result: 192% increase in unique visitors.


Impendi Analytics Requires A New Website To Capture Leads & Potential Recruits

Impendi Analytics provides an invaluable service of improving clients’ revenue by optimizing costs and expenditure. Within their key service offerings of cost reduction, revenue growth and continuous analytics, they provide specific assistance in procurement, supply chain management, organization, and more.

However, their website made it difficult for potential clients to understand their key offerings and the exact value Impendi Analytics could provide them. In addition, potential recruits for employment couldn’t find the information they needed to pursue a career with Impendi. This was highlighted by the low time on site and number of visits.


Miros Tech Designed & Developed A Strategic Website

In order to improve their communication, engagement and, ultimately, lead generation, we designed an entirely new website for Impendi Analytics aimed at improving online visibility and user interactions.

Some of our deliverables included:

    • Brand Strategy
    • Website Design & Development
    • Sitewide Copywriting


Website Redesign

How We Built An Engaging Website Without Losing Their Corporate Identity

    • In order to build this new website, we analyzed Impendi Analytics’ existing platform and metrics.
    • Then, we worked directly with the team to understand their goals, conduct competitor research, and determine the features and functionalities their website would need to be successful.
    • From there, the Miros Tech team created unique wireframes and website designs, which were approved by the client before they went into development. We worked with team members to rewrite the entire website, ensuring the content was informative, on-brand and interesting to read.
    • Miros Tech also provided complete hosting to Impendi Analytics, making the transition to their new site even more seamless.


Two weeks after the new website launched, we achieved:

120% increase in page views
80% increase in unique visitors
24% decrease in bounce rate