Scaling Team for Omio

PUBLISHED: Feb. 7, 2020
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Omio is a German global operating technology startup that develops a travel platform and application for digital tickets management and route quantification, partnering with more than 1,000 trusted travel partners across trains, buses, flights, ferries, and airport transfers.

In 2019, Omio started actively developing its mobile application with its unique algorithms that enabled individuals to find exclusive discounted offers to buy tickets.

Back then, Omio needed to scale their development team in Germany but couldn’t find the right people fast enough. So they decided to start a mixed setup with a remote team.


In 2020, Omio, understanding the pause in travel due to COVID, decided to take time and invest in a mobile app, while the world was “on hold”, scaling their development with a front-end team in Kyiv, Ukraine, which has grown to a team of 5 people today.

Miros Tech helped with recruiting, onboarding, and the establishment of a great work environment, to grow and maintain the team in the long run.

When Omio needed expert advice with regards to an Agile set-up, Miros Tech has always been there to consult and help structure the processes.

Omio, together with Miros Tech, invests a lot in team building and alignment across the locations, to ensure bonding beyond day-to-day work. To enhance flexibility and speed of delivery, Miros Tech organises regular Agile training sessions for the whole Omio team.

“Working with Miros Tech for us is about flexibility. In this rapidly changing world, it’s all about ability to quickly adapt, working transparently, sharing the knowledge in parallel. Miros Tech has been a very good partner for that.”

- Head of Engineering, Frank Steinberg


Miros Tech successfully enabled Omio to scale and to grow a team working on a mobile app UI from one developer to the fully functional full-stack project they are today. Currently collaboration is ongoing and we plan to extend it to further scaling of the engineering capacity.