Mobile Healthcare App for Mediktor

PUBLISHED: Nov. 9, 2020
CATEGORY: Mobile /
CLIENT: Mediktor

This case study showcases how the Miros Tech team successfully delivered front-end development of a mobile application for a Spanish healthcare startup - Mediktor.

Key Challenges

Mediktor is the most advanced and accurate expert system for pre-diagnoses, triage and decision-making support. The first artificial intelligent system clinically validated that is transforming healthcare for everyone.

A technology that finally makes it possible to reduce access barriers to healthcare:

  • Patients can make better decisions from the first symptoms
  • Healthcare system can organize its demand and optimize resources to offer better medical coverage.

Mediktor decided to create a mobile application that streamlines medical record-keeping, allows patients to control their healthcare data and share it with medical professionals across multiple healthcare providers.

Beating competition from other healthcare software development companies, Mediktor chose Miros Tech to provide front-end development services. Our iOS & Android developers were involved in building the front-end part of this system.

Solution Highlights

Working in close collaboration with Mediktor’s CTO Roger Forcada, the Miros Tech team successfully implemented UI/UX for a mobile application for healthcare professionals where vital patient data (symptoms, measures, and medication, etc.) is presented in an intuitive and functional way.

Having all relevant medical information organized in a single interface enables providers & insurance companies to make more informed pre-diagnosis decisions. The app now helps them review patients symptoms  and deliver improved patient care. This app makes it easier for patients to work with insurance and doctors, minimizes risks, costs, and improves final diagnoses and eventual treatment outcomes.

While working on this project, our team efficiently applied Scrum processes, including weekly sprint planning, daily meetings, and sprint reviews. Our developers maintained active communication with Roger, providing frequent updates and reports.

“We are only starting off our journey and are actively growing and Miros Tech was able to give us a serious boost through high quality delivery.”

                                                                                                        - CTO, Roger Forcada

The Results

Miros Tech team successfully delivered a large part of an integrated web ecosystem tailored to support providers in making better and faster clinical decisions.

The functionality we worked on and successfully delivered included:

    • Cases list: App users can view a Summary, and a detailed medical record for each case logged, and also search and filter the list to quickly find a specific case.
    • Enrolment: Add your details, info about symptoms and select clinic.
    • Monitoring: A visual plot to track and translate your symptoms in real-time.
    • AI pre-diagnosis integration: AI medical assistant UI for triage and pre diagnosis 
    • Informing Provider: Integrated view for all providers on the medical history of the patient via the app