Web Portal for Nuvoair

PUBLISHED: Dec. 15, 2020
CLIENT: Nuvoair

This case study showcases how Miros Tech team successfully delivered core algo integrations & backend development of a web portal for a Swedish healthcare startup - NuvoAir.

Background & Challenge

Story Behind

NuvoAir’s digital respiratory care platform empowers people to better manage Asthma or COPD. Dedicated care team and technology fit seamlessly into patients routine and allows a person and a doctor to make care decisions based on real-time data and insights.

How NuvoAir works is by combining the data from a Bluetooth-enabled spirometer that remotely monitors lung function; a sensor that attaches to asthma and COPD inhalers; and an integration with Fitbit devices. It also includes data from NuvoAir Cough, which assesses changes in nighttime coughing.


NuvoAir partnered with Miros Tech at the point when the company was already successful with a finished mobile app and web portal for providers under development with frontend, UXI design and part of the backend work done or in progress on the client’s side.

The concept behind this project for Miros Tech was to develop a web portal which correctly interpreted the logic of mobile app backend functions, but along with that complete integration of the newly developed algorithms to provide for an efficient, correct data reading via seamless backend synchronization. 

Via the web portal the medical professional was supposed to receive integrated mobile app reading results to make better and faster clinical decisions, receive reminders, infographic interpretations of the spirometry results and much more, including the integrated possibility for quick video call.

The data from the device was supposed to be transferred to the mobile app when the patient logged into the application. Data was supposed to be synchronized with the backend. As an end result, via the web application’s admin panel, a medical professional should have gotten access to daily monitoring statistics and control function in order to detect any significant changes and work through them along with the patient.


Miros Tech developed the large part of the project from scratch. We started with the elaboration of functional and non-functional requirements and the application logic. 

One of the aims of the provider portal is that it should be a feature-rich and scalable system. As part of the process, the Miros Tech development team suggested starting with a thorough discovery phase. We elaborated and prioritized requirements, and prepared a backlog.

Based on these requirements, our team, along with the client, created a visually appealing web design of the necessary modules. Alongside we provided NuvoAir with the process consultations on how the development cycle should be organized and after that we moved on to the MVP development.

We pay great attention to the product quality and stick to test-driven development and design throughout the SDLC. This approach enabled us to build a secure, stable, and user-friendly web app.

“We are incredibly grateful to the Miros Tech team for all the intensive effort applied in working on the provider’s portal. It is not an often case, when a digital vendor is able to commit to deadlines in such challenging projects. We gladly continue our collaboration”

- Co-founder, Martin Vertelli


Miros Tech team successfully delivered a large part of an integrated web ecosystem tailored to support providers in making better and faster clinical decisions.

The modules we worked on and successfully delivered included:

    • Algorithms integration: Mobile app and web portal are now seamlessly connected and interpret data correctly
    • Over-reading: Cutting edge over-reading interface. Connects medical experts with partners for central over-reading to optimize value of all data.
    • Real-time spirometry results overlaid with disease specific symptoms creates real world data and insights that are unavailable using traditional methods.
    • Data transfer: Self-generated or automated data transfers in CSV or SAS format.
    • Flow-Volume loops with both inspiratory and expiratory data analysis are now securely stored and processed on the backend