Why Miros Tech?

At Miros Tech we do not simply provide standard near and offshoring, but consider ourselves your trusted digital partner, who is able to professionally scale software delivery capacity through our flexible remote based ecosystem and equip our customers with digital end-to-end services.

Experienced Partner

We are focused on high quality delivery & transparent collaboration. Engineering excellence is our top priority.

Remote Ecosystem

We will make sure that virtual management and communication on the project is as comfortable and efficient than traditional or even better.

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How are we different from others?

Within a competitive landscape, Miros Tech has honed the following main advantages over other providers in the market:

Efficient Dedicated Team Model

As an extension to your IT organization, that allows you to retain full control of the development and delivery of your product.

This model includes: extensive ecosystem, infrastructure, administrative support along with legal & financial coverage. Software engineers are recruited and work exclusively for the client, which increases loyalty and performance. The model can be enriched with value added services and in-house capabilities in web & mobile development.

Transparent & Competitive Pricing

Our business has permanently shifted to a remote collaboration model without full-scale expensive offices and physical infrastructure without any loss to productivity or security. This allows us to offer our clients one the most competitive prices on the global market.

  • Dedicated Team “Cost Model” = transparent negotiated daily/monthly rate per FTE. Don’t bother yourself with salary calculations, research & forecasting: you pay only for the days your engineers work. Transparent monitoring and efficient management capabilities are provided.
  • Dedicated Team “Cost Plus Model” = compensation & benefits + Miros Tech fee. This simple cost structure gives you full control over the costs, along with the possibility of setting the amount of the employee compensation directly with the candidates prior to their employment with us.
  • Fixed Project = fixed budget cost. Don’t worry about overpaying. We closely and carefully review requirements and provide a detailed, grounded solution offering which we then discuss together with you.
  • Time & Material = best choice for those R&D projects where the overall amount of the required development effort cannot be predicted.

Motivated Team Members

Instead of spending large sums on renting and maintaining fancy offices - we invest into fair compensation for our employees and into remote work oriented infrastructure for the purpose of maintaining high data security and productivity, best comfort as well as maximum transparency and ease of collaboration.

Partner Attitude

We invest significant effort to educate our people how to form partner relationships and approach every project with care and respect. Part of our philosophy is not to be a regular conveyor type vendor. We truly enjoy forming successful teams, taking care about the smallest requests and helping our clients succeed through a win-win attitude.

Unparalleled flexibility

Whether you need to completely shield-off your team in secure infrastructure and use only your in-house software, or you wish us to perform a complete set up and get your team ready for work - we are experienced at fulfilling both types of requests. We boast that we are one of the most client-oriented companies on the market.

We Study Your Business

At the core of our values - we dedicate serious effort to know our clients' businesses as closely as possible. Like management consultants, before we dive into work, we learn about the business model, processes and operations, everything that is directly relevant to align our collaboration strategy with enterprise needs of our clients. This is something nobody else does among our competitors.

Ecosystem View

Along with capturing the latest technologies to ensure high standards and innovation, we foster development of our virtual, cloud-based technical ecosystem, which revolves around the concept of efficient, transparent and comfortable remote collaboration.

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Introducing Our Projects

We have excelled our experience in a range of industries and bring our customers great results along with valuable insights

Our Key Strengths

Geographical Presence

Access to talents in locations across Spain and Ukraine and a growing presence in the rest of the European Union, combined with the remote oriented development environment and cloud infrastructure to meet your challenging software development requirements.

Capacity and Scalability

Flexible staffing model aimed at fulfilling even the most demanding sourcing plans of hiring, onboarding and retaining the most difficult to find IT talent. Our well-established nearshore and offshore staffing & remote team formation processes helped our clients to set-up efficient teams with strong management structures that can support rapidly changing development capacity needs.

Software Development Capabilities

Well-established industry best practices and tools for Agile software development combined with experience in forming and managing Scrum oriented, distributed teams. We are swift and efficient due to our compact size and are able to quickly adapt to your needs and scale an engineering capacity with maximum speed and flexibility.

Highly Individual Approach

Key contact point for clients on our side is always our Managing Director & Founder who like no other in the company understands main challenges and works closely as a partner on all important questions with you together.

Management and Communication

We customize each client’s individual set up for managing the team's work with a corresponding robust group of processes, tools, and technologies to maximize transparency, provide easy controls and enable data-driven continuous improvement. It is in our best interest to get things running smoothly on your project and towards the required objectives.

Laser Focused on Core Services

Instead of spreading our resources across multiple offerings - we are focused on our core services. Our aim is to be among the best and most experienced outstaffing partners, who possess the talented people along with the most efficient methods & instruments for providing top-notch services to our valuable clients.