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What type of support will my developers have from Miros Tech?

We will make sure your team’s working process is running smoothly. We organize team-building events to help your team build stronger personal bonds. We’ll also get your developers tickets to local tech events to facilitate their professional growth. Apart from retention activities we also make sure everyone’s paid on time and has the best healthcare insurance.

What measures are taken to make sure intellectual property stays secure?

In accordance with all contracts - all of the work performed by your developers belongs to you. We take extra care with our policies, training and guidelines to make sure your intellectual property stays yours. We sign NDAs with you and with all of our developers. Further, you’re welcome to use your own email servers or systems. Our standard security measures include restricted access to our offices, firewall and antivirus protection, a strictly-enforced password policy, and system administrator support. Additional security measures can be added at your request.

What are the costs associated with setting-up a dedicated team?

There are no costs associated with setting up a team with us. Miros Tech provides your dedicated team with everything they need to work efficiently. If any of our customers at any point has special requirements concerning additional security, workstations, software etc., they cover procurement related expenses only. We do not profit from such procurement.

Where do Miros Tech employees work from?

We emerged during 2020 and are a new hybrid type enterprise. Employees work remotely from any location they prefer, considering they match the working hours of our clients. But for those of our customers who need developers to work in secure office premises and for people who wish to periodically work from office - we have agreements in place with new types of class “A”' scalable offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa and Lviv.

I want to form a team of 5-7 developers. Is it possible?

Yes. We shall help you build or expand a team of any size. We will provide you with a detailed estimate of costs and realistic ramp up plan for the team you are looking to set up.

Can I hire only one developer?

Yes. As a small company we have clients with just one-developer. We usually advise to start with just one and see how it goes, then help if you’re interested in building out the team further.

What types of services do you offer?

Miros Tech builds, maintains, and supports remote dedicated software development teams managed directly by our clients. We also offer custom software development (web & mobile) and process consulting services that complement hands-on development, including launch workshops.

How do you make sure people we hire together fit my needs?

We pre-select candidates based on their previous work experience, their soft skills and language capabilities. Our clients prefer to personally conduct the main assessment of technical capabilities in separate 1-1 interviews. We help organize as many interview stages as you need to make sure that the right people are hired. You're welcome to conduct live coding sessions and request references from previous employers. It doesn’t happen often, but if you feel dissatisfied with any of the Miros Tech engineers - we'll do our best to improve the way you and your new hire cooperate. Often a small change or better communication can make a significant difference. If this doesn't work out, we will start looking for a replacement at no additional cost to you.

How long does it take you to build a team from scratch?

Usually, all in all it takes 4-6 weeks to hire a single employee. If a person is recruited out of an existing employment relationship - it will typically take from 2 - 4 weeks for a notice period before starting at Miros Tech on your project. In short, if you plan on setting up a team of, say 5 people, a realistic timeline is to start with 1-2 team members within 3-5 weeks of recruitment and expand with 1-2 additional hires every month, since onboarding new team members will always require time and effort.

What types of tech professionals can you help me hire?

We will help you hire front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers with expertise in all programming languages. If you wish to extend the capacity or set up a cross-functional team, we’ll help you hire QA engineers, business analysts, Scrum masters, project managers, DevOps engineers, UX/UI designers, support engineers.

How fast can you start the project?

Quite quickly. There are several conditions that must be fulfilled before proceeding to the development of the project: - Agreed scope & budget - Signed contract & NDA - First Prepayment Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks to settle these details

Do you provide after delivery maintenance?

Unfortunately, we do not provide free product maintenance, which is usually a project in itself. Although we are always happy to continue our collaboration and help our clients support their apps with further works, add new features and maintain the system we’ve created.

Are there any cancellation fees if I decide to stop working with you?

None. You should just let us know at least one month in advance so we have time to properly close all things down.

Can the dedicated team be in our messengers and task tracking?

We help team members install all the necessary software and tools of your preference to be fully integrated into your existing setup, meaning they are in all your regular communication channels, have direct contact with you and the rest of the team, participate in all regular meetings and are in your task tracking system.

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