Initiation Workshop For Dedicated Teams

Our Initiation Workshop is a single service which combines process consulting, strategic planning, requirements elicitation, analysis and documentation writing: all of this to enable and facilitate your productive cooperation with your remote dedicated development team.

The goal is to empower you to make the right project management decisions, transform them into a structured action plan, and build a high-performance software development team.

We evaluate your business case, requirements, processes and current team composition to reveal business opportunities as well as to define risks in order to reach the optimal collaboration model for maximum efficiency.

What do you get from this workshop?

Through the workshop you and your team will be able to:

  • Optimize the budget and expand capacities in building a productive dedicated development team
  • Define the optimal team composition, workload and development timeframe for your project
  • Manage your team extension and onboarding well. Robust staffing and onboarding plan for your dedicated team project will be created
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities through refining a plan with job descriptions and utilization for your dedicated team members
  • Identify development opportunities and potential risks
  • Orchestrate and document processes, eliminating waste, reducing risks and speeding up time-to-market

Benefits & Advantages

  • Analyze the current software development processes and clearly understand your business needs along with product requirements
  • Conduct conference and interview sessions with your key stakeholders to grasp key concepts and collect the most relevant data
  • Define most optimal team composition and elaborate appropriate skill sets for each future team member
  • Develop a staffing plan and consult on the critical procedures for building an efficient dedicated development team
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify major risks and issues in order to outline an effective response strategy
  • Create an individual onboarding plan for each member of your brand new development team

After documenting everything covered in the workshop we present your results in the form of a step-by-step action plan with critical data, nice visuals and infographics. Further, we provide lifetime ongoing support with all our resources for the project to help in adjusting processes and procedures to meet changing requirements and market demands.