Agile Transformation for EMag

PUBLISHED: Jan. 19, 2021
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Case study about successfully completing an Agile Transformation consulting program for a the retailer - EMag


Emag is the largest e-commerce site in Romania with over 300,000 unique customers each day. Sellers can list products in over 1600 available categories.

The platform currently hosts 3,500 sellers and more than 1.4 million products, generating more than €100 million in revenue and over 1.9 million orders for marketplace partners. The highest sales are generated in the categories of car accessories, home & deco, children & toys, fashion and sport.

Emag portal development team struggled to meet customer needs quickly and adapt to disruptive market changes. The company realized that its existing “Waterfall” development practices hindered its ability to deliver changes and solutions quickly, which negatively affected the customer experience. 

The company also realized the need to build a stronger partnership between IT and business units in order to develop products more effectively. The company hired Miros Tech to help it develop cross-functional teams, train the teams on Agile development methodologies, and coach the teams to develop an Agile mindset, which focuses on rapid, iterative delivery of software to create customer-centered experiences. Miros Tech led the Agile transformation effort for over 50 employees across business and IT.

Miros Tech worked with the company for three months to develop an Agile Transformation strategy and create a shift to cross-functional Agile product teams. To get there, Miros Tech took the following actions:

    • Conducting systematic advisory on the set-up of cross-functional  teams made up of employees across IT and business units
    • Provided teams, product owners, and corporate leadership with training initiatives including Agile basics, Scrum, product management, story mapping, and release planning
    • Set up an Agile Transformation Office, which ensured:
      • New teams were set up and trained successfully to provide value to the business
      • Organizational change management to drive an Agile mindset across the organization
      • A dedicated place to develop and act on long-term transformation roadmaps
    • Led 2 “Big Room Planning” sessions to facilitate release planning across teams
    • Established a strategic roadmap to build a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline
    • Enabled a product management mindset across the organization through multiple product training sessions with leadership and business units

“One of the best investments we have ever made into our development teams. Miros Tech’s boutique type & highly individual approach resulted in the efficient and motivated team which now has clear objectives, metrics, data and processes to work with”

- Delivery Director, Alexandr Rubenstein



After Agile the consulting program had been completed, the client increased software throughput by over 300%, improved transparency and visibility across the organization. Adopted product-focused mindset for software delivery now brings great value to both engineering teams and top management. 

Teams reduced their release cycles from multiple months to two weeks. That allowed business units to provide feedback earlier and ultimately led to higher-quality changes.