ITSM: Shift to Services Led Operating Model

PUBLISHED: Jan. 19, 2021
CATEGORY: Consulting /

Case study on Miros Tech successfully completing advisory program on shift from a siloed IT shop into a service-oriented organization for a multi-million SaaS company.



The new CIO at a multi-million dollar SaaS provider realized that the organization’s current IT operating processes and structure was not driving end-to-end accountability nor were they delivering value to the business. He wanted to make the pervasive shift from a siloed IT shop into a service-oriented organization.

He asked Miros Tech for help to undergo an IT Service Management (ITSM) transformation to ensure his organization was prepared to deliver business value in the digital age.



ITSM is a journey that often spans for many months. Miros Tech helped a company take the first step in that journey by establishing the framework and model. Over the course of 2 months, Miros Tech undertook the following:

    • Worked with teams to define services in the following key categories: business aligned services, End-User Services, and Technology Services
    • Identified Service Owners who would own software development processes from ideation through end delivery, leading to greater accountability and personal ownership
    • Facilitated Service Owners in defining outcome-oriented service metrics
    • Provided a roadmap for maturing the model over next 12-24 months


Following the rollout of the ITSM model, the IT organization was better organized to plan, deliver, and track the value being provided to the business. Over time, Service Owners were able to track the total cost of ownership for their services and show actionable ROI on the value delivered. In the end, the CIO recognized an evident shift in the sentiment towards IT throughout the organization.

The IT organization was able to shift the way they developed software and how went to market in the digital age.