Full-stack Remote Team for Cornershop

PUBLISHED: Sept. 20, 2021
CATEGORY: Dedicated Team /
CLIENT: Cornershop

This case study showcases a successful joining of 2 software engineers for a grocery delivery company - Cornershop


Cornershop, a grocery delivery business, operating via its web and mobile app, is headquartered in Chile, was founded in 2015. The company expanded its operations to eight countries up and down the Americas, including Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, the U.S. and Canada.

Miros Tech partnered with the US subsidiary on the wave of a growing demand for delivery services during the pandemic. Cornershop was under the acquisition process by Uber and required scaling of the engineering capacity for its cross-functional team.

Local talent was way too expensive and difficulty was in finding two senior/middle remote full stack developers (Python/JS+Angular) with the ability to match US working hours at least partially, so Cornershop looked for outstaffing options.



This was the second time Cornershop engaged in a dedicated team model, but was the first one with a European partner. Requirements were quite challenging, but we managed to find two senior developers within 45 days and get them to the cruising speed within 2 more weeks.

Miros Tech managed to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Higher technical education
  • Top-notch technical skills
  • Advanced command of English
  • Enthusiastic and autonomous. People should not be just doing tasks, they should be interested in the product, be willing to show flexibility, and generate ideas
  • Have solid experience in the same or similar domain

Even though guys are working from two different cities in Ukraine - they are in a very good sync and are able to collaborate very efficiently.

“We looked for a company which was fully adapted to the new COVID realities of collaboration, investing in people instead of offices. We were surprised to find Miros Tech fully matching this requirement.”

– Program Director, Sebastian Veres

Why Miros Tech

Cornershop management received a high level of professionalism. By outstaffing software development, they outsourced HR too. Parties, team events, educational and other kinds of training, all the things that a normal HR department does in a company are done by Miros Tech today. 

Client's team does not bother with any administrative stuff either - only pure coding.

Today, 2 fullstack developers working full-time and there are plans to expand collaboration after the deal is closed with Uber.