UI Mobile Development for a German Bank

PUBLISHED: Aug. 31, 2021
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UI/UX Redesign & Development of an Award-winning Mobile Banking App - Fidor


The Customer is Fidor – a small, yet very progressive and modern bank. It is an online-based direct bank, which is operating in Germany. Systems are tailored to private and business customers alike. With its outstanding concept, Fidor Bank utilizes the principles and effective mechanisms of digital banking.


The Customer needed iOS/Android UI development to improve its already successfull application that could provide ultimate mobility, quality client-oriented service and meet high security standards. MirosTech was trusted to implement the custom front-end re-design project due to its good understanding of the IT banking domain domain and considerable experience in iOS and Android apps development.


With a back-end team and a Project Manager on the customer’s side, MirosTech was engaged in the full cycle of mobile banking application redesign & development from defining and analyzing requirements through design and prototyping to implementation, testing and market release.

When creating the application, both the customer and MirosTech were focused on enriching user experience. Thus, the tool was designed to let clients perform a wide range of financial operations such as balance check, credit/deposit management, money transfer and online payments (including scheduling and enabling automatic payments), mobile topping up, currency exchange rates and more.


At the same time, the app pushes the capabilities of mobile devices to the limit and makes use of such functions as GPS-navigation (to help find the nearest service point), push notifications, and integration with SMS-banking in case of Internet connection failure.

Since information security had been another big concern, MirosTech developers implemented a two-step user identification system provided by the global leader in authentication – VASCO data security. This solution is based on a PIN code, which is linked to the application once it is activated. Since no external interference is allowed, even if the PIN is known to a third-party, the application is completely secure. Moreover, it's hassle-free, as the user doesn't have to generate separate codes for each session.

"Preserving a minimalistic approach, MirosTech team was able to create a slick UI with crisp colors, intuitive navigation elements and configurable dashboards. The easy-to-use feedback forms allow our users to submit security alerts, request a “call-me-back” from the bank and rate and review service points. The job done is very impressive to us!"

- Luis Sheiberg, Head of Engineering, Fidor Solutions

The app also takes advantage of augmented reality in order to help users find the bank’s nearest self-service terminal, ATM or a banking center. When a user opens the AR geolocation feature, they first set a filter in the top right corner of the app to the type of a service point they are looking for. Then, the app augments the real image on the screen with a radar, a level of compass precision, and an arrow that guides a user to the point-of-interest, showing the distance left to it.


It was a very intense and large project, and application's UI/UX redesign and developemnt was successfully completed and is now available at App Store and Google Play.

Helping the bank’s clients become more flexible, save time and gain more control over their financial activities and products, the app has gained widespread recognition and took part in mobile banking award ceremonies in 2021. It now holds a silver title "Android Mobile App - 2021" in Germany.

We continuously deliver updates and fixes, based on feedback received from clients and test groups. In future, the Customer plans to implement unique options as well as develop a tablet version of the app in cooperation with MirosTech.

Technologies and Tools

Android: Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse, SQLite, Volley, Gradle, logcat, UiAutomator

iOS: Objective-C, XCode 6, UIkit, Core Data, Location Services, SVN

Other: VASCO's DIGIPASS for Mobile, Google Maps